Bachelorette Party Ideas – Mardi Gras Theme

bachelorette party mardi gras theme

bachelorette party mardi gras theme

If you are the one in charge of organizing the celebrations for a friend that is getting married, then there are various bachelorette party ideas that you may want to incorporate into your big night out to make it truly memorable! The Mardi gras theme is one such party idea that can help make your party stand out.

Indeed, if you creatively incorporate this theme into your party, there is no doubting the fact that you will have a great time.

In Mardi gras party themes, the girls wear different sets of Mardi gras beads. These beads are often made of different colors. Once these beads are worn, the girls will go on to ask guys to perform given tasks in order for them to be given these beads. A guy may for example be asked to lift his shirt or even drop his pants in exchange for these beads. Once he does this, he will then receive the beads in return. Such tasks will add a lot of flavor to the party.

Alternatively, a Mardi gras party theme may require that the bride-to-be wears all the beads. In this particular case, she will be expected to decide which tasks the guys will perform before she can give them the beads. Indeed, the mardi gras beads is a bachelorette party game the bride-to-be will find very interesting because she will only ask the guys to do things that she is comfortable with. If she is uncomfortable about anything, then she does not have to ask the guys to do it.

If you decide to organize for a bachelorette party with a Mardi gras theme, you should ensure that the decorations that you select reflect the same. Also, ensure that you send out invitations for your Mardi gras party early enough so as to allow the guests sufficient time to prepare for the party. Remember that many people do not like being ambushed with invitations at the last minute. So, if you are to avoid having people back out of the party; ensure that you send out your invitations in good time.

Also, to add to the fun of the bachelorette party, you may ask the guests to dress in Mardi Gras style party costumes like masks with all the fun party supplies and decorations that match. This will go a long way in making your party as memorable as you can imagine. However, if you decide to have the guests put on costumes, you should let them know well in advance so that they can prepare themselves.

In a nutshell, there are very many Mardi gras party themes that you can choose from. The good thing about these themes is that they are not time specific and so you can always use them very successfully at any time of the year. What this essentially means is that bachelorette parties with Mardi gras themes can be appropriate at any time of the year as they are not restrictive to any season of the year.

If you are looking to have a great time during your bachelorette party, then you should consider choosing the Mardi gras party theme. With a bit of creativity, everyone should be in a position to  have a great time!

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