Bachelorette Party & Wedding Bridal Shower Invitations

bachelorette party bridal wedding shower invitations

Buying bachelorette party or bridal shower invitations online can make shopping easy, and fun!  Just type in your own text, names, add a photo (if you want), maybe a cute saying… and your card will be professionally printed to the highest quality!

If you’re looking for some unique bridal shower quotes and bachelorette party sayings we also have you covered.

You can fully personalize all sides of the wedding shower invitations. Personally I like to put a cute personal photo on the inside cover and back of the bachelorette party wedding bridal shower invitations.  Some of our  invitations already have sample text inside of the card so make sure you check out the inside of the design and customize the names, dates and location.

Bachelorette Party Invitations:

  • add names
  • sayings, dates & location
  • or even personal photos
  • directly onto the card before they are professionally printed!
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bachelorette party bridal wedding shower invitations

Bridal & Wedding Shower Invitations

We hope you enjoy our selection of Invitations! There’s tons of variety in there over 100 designs including:

  • Top Top 10 bridal shower cards bachelorette cards
  • Girls Night Our Invitations
  • Bachelorette party post cards invitations
  • bachelorette party bridal shower envelopes

Before you send the bachelorette party invitations, there are a few things that you NEED to avoid!

We’re going to take a look at three of the most common mistakes that our planners make with wedding shower invitations.

  • First, we’ll look at when to send the bridal shower invitations.
  • Next, we’ll look at the perfect guest list.
  • We’ll finish up by looking at a way to make sure your bachelorette party invitations are appropriate for the event.

The wedding shower invitations are the introduction of your party and if you are planning a great and unforgettable party then your invites should follow the same path. We’ll look at three common pit falls that a party planners fall into!

All our bachelorette party invitations are custom designed by us so you’ll receive a one of a kind invitation found nowhere else! Our partner handles the printing and is one of the largest and most established online print companies. We accept only the highest quality materials and customer service… you’re in great hands, no worries involved.

She didn’t send the bachelorette party or wedding shower invitations on time!

So simple yet often ignored…

Planning involves tons of things to do and whether booking a hotel or a show may look more important than sending bridal shower invitations at the moment then you may have an empty hotel by the time of the party…

So when should the bachelorette party or wedding shower invitations go out? Well it depends on where the party is… if you are going out of town then give at least 2 months for people to accommodate… if the party is in town then one month should do the trick!

Keep in mind that some of the guest may not be from the same town as you then back to 2 moths in advance! There is a simple rule you can follow: assume all your guests are single with 2 kids and a dog and think how much time would it take you to arrange some time off!

She forgot someone important!

Most important people for the bride should always be your primary concern when picking your guest list!

Always double check your guest list…If you have doubts about someone check with the bride’s sister or even the groom!

  • Don’t invite someone that the bride wouldn’t feel comfortable with.

Think about the worst case scenario like being drunk dancing with a stripper in front or your sister in law…that should help you decide!

She didn’t get the perfect bachelorette or bridal wedding shower invitations for the party!

A couple of rules are always keep in mind the theme of the party:

The second rule is the style of the bride: trendy, classy, old fashioned, stylish, funny? This is the best way to make sure that your bachelorette party bridal wedding shower invitations are appropriate for the event you are hosting.

So there you have the three most common areas of concern that people make with bachelorette party invitations –

  • Not checking out that the invitations are sent in time
  • Not making the perfect guest list
  • Not making sure the bridal shower invitations are according with the nature of the event beforehand.

Follow this advice and you’ll be able to pick out the perfect bachelorette party or bridal wedding shower invitations for a perfect start to a perfect party!

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