9 Step Bridal Shower Checklist Bachelorette Party

bridal shower checklist bachelorette party

bridal shower checklist bachelorette party

How to Start Planning Your Bachelorette Party Checklist

We’re going to look at 9 essentials steps that you MUST follow to plan the perfect bridal shower checklist or bachelorette party for your best friend.

Step 1- Choosing The Day of the Party

Can you imagine having a hangover on your wedding day?…Of course not!  You need a well rested and sober Bride to fully enjoy her big day.  Yes, we are starting off with the obvious for your bridal shower checklist but some people are bad at picking dates.

Plan the party with a post-hangover day included and everyone will thank you for it!  Actually the best time is a few weeks before the wedding day.  You will likely need a month of planning to get everything together and allow ample time for everyone to clear their calenders for the big night out.

Step 2- Keep the bride together!

  • Hopefully, you have a laid back Bride that is enjoying her wedding planning process but keep in mind this are stressful times and it is your job to keep her in a Zen state of mind!  Follow our bridal shower checklist for your bachelorette party, get the bride one of these and the bride will be ok.

Step 3- Pick the Right Theme for the party!

If you want to do a fun bridal shower bachelorette party you have to think of a cool theme that would go along with the bride’s preferences, but don’t worry because who knows her better than you?  Find out the Best Bachelorette Party Themes for your bridal shower checklist!


Step 4- Invitations

We have lots of amazing custom bridal shower and bachelorette party invitations for you to choose from.  All of our invitations are fully customizable!

  • Add your own names, sayings, and even photos directly printed onto the cards.

This is a great way to add your own personalized messages and make for a truly unique way to start the big night out.

  • Don’t forget – Bridal shower and bachelorette party invites need to be mailed with enough time to make sure that the people can arrange the time.
  • Guest rules – don’t invite people that are not invited to the wedding, always include all of the bridesmaids and close female family and friends that the bachelorette would want to party with!
  • You need a number!   Get everyone to RSVP so you have some idea of how many to plan for.
  • Pick the Perfect Bachelorette Invites to go along with your party theme and bride’s style!



Step 5 – Games & Decorations

  • To have an awesome bridal shower checklist or bachelorette party you need Party Games which are the key to creating a fun atmosphere and to keep the party going!
  • Keep the place lively and always with in the bride’s tastes. If you are throwing a bridal shower theme party it requires that unique something to liven up the space and go along with your theme…

Perfect for lazy planners or if you are running out of time this pack has everything you need: “Last Night Out” strobe light button, a Dare T-Shirt, Tiara, Sash, Party invites, naughty plates & napkins, dirty balloons, drink tags, a hanging shot glass and glow in the dark cock straws and last but not least a  “blow up “Willie”…


Step 6- Make the bride stand out in the crowd!

  • Everyone needs to know who she is!  You can go with tradition and having the bachelorette wearing a veil, tiara, bachelorette hat, or something that screams bride to be!

We also have a bunch of other bachelorette bridal accessories for your bridal shower checklist including:


Step 7- Thirsty Girls

  • Wine is by far the most popular bachelorette party drink!   Make sure not to run out of Vino during the evening… you don’t want an angry thirsty bridezilla in your hands!
  • Of course also Never Ever run out of Beer!!….


Step 8- Transport & Accommodations

  • Not everyone will be having a destination party but it’s something worth considering for your bridal shower checklist or bachelorette party.
  • If you are  staying in a hotel, make sure that someone checks in at the proper time to avoid losing the room and try to get one surrounded by other empty rooms to minimize the risk of being kicked out.
  • Be sure to arrange designated drivers or taxis responsible for transporting your crowd of crazed party-goers to their destination, and sleeping accommodations for those who can’t hold their drinks.

Step 9- Why not?

This is for the adventurous… If you know the bride is going to enjoy some male anatomy of course don’t forget a stripper or two depending on the crowd.  Make sure that you chose the right level of show for your party!

So there you have your essential 9-step bridal shower checklist guide in getting your bachelorette party going.  Follow these steps and you’ll be able to plan out the perfect bachelorette party!

Ready to get started? Check out our Bachelorette Party, Wedding & Bridal Party Themes!


Have a happy planning day!


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  1. Adrienne says:

    I can not forget the day of wedding shower.I was covered with various flowers.It smelled so good.I thought that time if I could bath this way everyday .Everyone was so dearer to me.I cherish this day in my life.

  2. nancy says:

    That you very much for this blog; it did help me so much in ways that nobody will understand. I will try by explaining how this blog helped me using few words. I was a bride’s mate for my friend’s marriage and it was my responsibility to throw her a bridal shower. However, the problem was that I have never thrown a bridal shower before. Then I looked up to the internet how to throw the best bridal shower and I came along with this blog.
    To make the long story short, it did help me so much because the party was a success. Now all my friends want me to do the same for them. It made me popular.
    Thanks again.

  3. kate says:

    We had the best bridal party thanks to this website and more specifically to this blog. I did not know that one has to plan for transportation. We had the best time around the town and we did some crazy things that I never thought that I could do. The whole even could not be describes in this comment section. But the whole truth is that we had the best time me and my girls. Because everything went according to the plans made. Now because of the crazy things we did, we decided that we should always be doing that one’s a year a girl’s time out without their husbands.
    If I could use this chance I would like to thank my bride’s mates a lot for everything they did. Thanks you ladies a lot for everything.

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