Bachelorette – 3 Common Bridal Shower Planning Mistakes

Bridal shower planning

Bridal shower planning

Here are a few bridal shower planning mistakes that you NEED to avoid!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at three of the most common mistakes that bridesmaid’s make while bridal shower planning…

First we’ll look at what the bride wants.  Next, we’ll look at the bridal shower planning aspects of the nightand we’ll finish up by looking at a way to make sure that you thought of fun bachelorette night out ideas…After reading this article, you’ll be able to plan a final blast to remember!

Have you ever been on a LAME bridal shower or bachelorette night out?  If so, you know how disappointing this can be…Check out the three mistakes that the bridesmaid could have avoid…

She didn’t think about what the bride to be would really like…

A successful party is not about the theme of the party but about what your friend would enjoy in her last night of freedom…


There’s nothing worst than getting the feeling she is not having a good time…To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you ask yourself this questions…

  • Is it a mellow party what she would enjoy the most? or Is it a VIP nightclub what she would want?. Here is where your planning starts!…
  • Finally make sure you don’t put her into any situation that would make her feel uncomfortable…That means no rubbing her into sweaty strippers unless you know that is what she WANTS!

She didn’t make the right preparations for the party…

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  • Everything requires some bridal shower planning if you want a successful party…You need to make her stand out with some costumes, vail, tiara…so shop in advance so you get quality stuff for your friend. Make sure to take a look at out Bachelorette Party Supplies and our Custom Bachelorette Party Tshirts!


  • Once you decided where you are going get tickets, plan a ride…MAKE the arrangements!


She didn’t prepare fun bachelorette night out ideas…

  • A Scavenger hunt checklist is the most popular bachelorette night out idea where you get a list of things or dares for her to accomplish during the final blast…


  • Get some games that involves questions range from hilarious to thought-provoking, guaranteeing an entertaining evening for everyone…

So there you have the three essential elements for bridal shower Planning that make a successful bachelorette girls night out.

First think about what the bride to be would like, Second Preparation and  Finally a fun bachelorette night out idea to complete the night!

Next up have a look at some bachelorette party themes, games, invitations, supplies or gifts…

Don’t forget them, and you’ll be able to plan a final blast to remember!

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  1. Alexis says:

    Bridal showers are one of the most spectacular events in every girls life and it was the same for me. Though it takes a lot of preparation and planning it should be done in the best possible way. Sometimes mistakes occur in Bridal shower planning but it should be minimum, just plan with lots of time to spare. I will never forget the day of my bridal shower, it was amazing!

  2. Alice says:

    I always think positive. Every process may have some mistakes but we must take a look at the pros of everything. Though sometimes mistakes may occur in a bridal shower we should overlook it and take our concentration to good things of bridal shower.

  3. joy says:

    I have been to a lame bridal party and the truth of the matter is that nobody can have fun in such a party. Furthermore the party that I was in, the bride did not want to do most of the things that her friends wanted her to do. When I read this blog, I came to understand all it means to have fun in a bridal party. I came to learn this through the hard way and I will never repeat the same mistake again.
    In my opinion I call it the rules of having fun in a bridal shower. However, to say the truth, every bridal shower must have a setback even if it small. Anyway thanks guys.

  4. april says:

    I have been given the responsibility of giving my friend the best bridal shower and I want it be the best. I have been I a bridal shower that sucks as well. Through this blog I will make sure that I don’t do the things that the bride does not want to do or something that will make her uncomfortable. I want the bridal shower that I will make to be spoken of by many.
    I think that I can pull it off.

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