Bachelorette Party Games – Guess The Stripper

wife in training

wife in training

Guess the stripper – this is a great game if you are having strippers at the bachelorette party!

It involves asking the stripper some questions beforehand and keeping the answers to the questions. When the stripper is done with entertaining the guests, once he leaves, you can then ask the girls these questions including others that you may have made up all this time that the stripper was entertaining the guests.

Examples of questions you can ask are:

•  What was the name of the stripper?

•  What was the height of the stripper?

•  What song or songs did the stripper dance to?

•  How many girls did the stripper dance with?

•  At the very beginning, what was the stripper putting on?

It will be great fun listening to the kind of responses the guests will give. As the girls try to find the correct responses to any question, the rest will no doubt find this very amusing especially given the fact that they themselves may not have the correct answers to the questions. This particular type of bachelorette party games may not be suitable to all occasions but is perfect for a naughty girls night out.


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  1. Jinia says:

    It is a lot of fun playing stripper.It is a real fun.There were were 30 girls in the stripper dance.It is the most charming part of Bachelorette.In your Bachelorette party don’t forget to make stripper.If you don’t do this you will miss the most spectacular part of having a Bachelorette party.You can play other games too in your party.But this one is the best one I think.

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