Bachelorette Party Games Ideas – Bachelorette Charades

Bachelorette Charades

Bachelorette Charades

Looking for Bachelorette party game ideas? Check out our Top 3 bachelorette charades for your bridal party!

In case you’ve never played it this are some basic rules for a classic Charade Game:

Make some Teams in the bachelorette party or let the bride to be decide the teams distribution!

Your challenge: “Act out” a phrase without speaking, while the girls in your team try to guess what the phrase is.

The objective is for your team to guess it as quickly as possible.

Guess the word or phrase in the card and get the Bachelorette Charades Started!   We give you our top 3 variations for charades… take a pick from this great bachelorette party games ideas!

Top 1- Marriage charades

  • Each phrase must be related to marriage or the behavior of married couples.  Then each guest takes their turn to randomly pull a card from the hat and act out the meaning in front of everyone at the party.  The first person to guess the behavior or phrase is awarded 1 point.
  • You may for example ask guests to act out stereotypical behavior associated with males, like their unwillingness to ask for directions or inability to find household items that are right in front of their faces.  The guests will enjoy acting out these roles in a theatrical fashion, while the party guests laugh and enjoy watching the comical bachelorette charades bridal shower.  This is a proven party favorite and really makes for a funny part of the night.
  • The person with the most points at the end of the game is the winner and awarded some type of prize.  To be sneaky, you could even make the winner of this game go up to a stranger and act out a charade.  This can be hilarious to watch as your friends make fools of themselves to complete strangers out in public.

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Top 2- Do you Taboo?

  • Great word-guessing bachelorette charades bridal shower party game to have some crazy fun!  Can you get your the girls to guess the word on your card without using that one or any of the five other taboo words on the card?
  • If yes then you are a winner but if you don’t then you are going to get buzzed!  You can even change the rules and make it a drinking game getting shots instead of points every time you Taboo!
  • Perfect Bachelorette Party Game to enjoy with your friends….but beware control your drinking girls!

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Top 3- The 3D game of bachelorette charades bridal shower!

If you are having a night in the house and you need a creative bachelorette game to play at home with your friends then get the Challenging three-dimensional game of bachelorette charades bridal shower!

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Check out more Bachelorette Party Games Ideas for your party and leave us your own ideas to add to the games!

Happy planning!

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  1. Miliana says:

    I can still remember the day of Bachelorette Party.I was very happy that day.You will find a few people do not like games. IF the game is in a bachelorette party then there is nothing to say.Because all funny and enjoyable games are selected for bachelorette party.You can have a wide selection of games.Adult game,Board game,card game ,word game ,Song lyrics etc are the most popular games.As you have many options yo can take any advantage to use in a bachelorette party game.

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