Destination Bachelorette Party Las Vegas – Everything You NEED To Know!

We are going to be covering everything you need to plan a Full Vegas Bachelorette Party Experience!

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Letting loose, getting crazy and having an incredible time on the last night of being single is what Las Vegas is all about!  You can never fall short of things to do but choosing wisely is always the way to go… let’s get a preview if you will survive the night!

Perfect Day in Vegas!

  • Journey to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim! One of the best ways to spend your day…While there, you can take a walk over the edge of the canyon or even enjoy a helicopter flight to the floor of this canyon.  Start your Bachelorette party with the most amazing panoramic views of the canyon, this is a sight whose memories you will behold for a long time to come
  • Jack-pot! Betting and gambling is one activity that will keep you and your group entertained! Getting lessons on gambling for your bachelorette party. Most are offered in the place of your choice or you can check out other alternative places where the lessons are offered.
  • Get a limo ride and roll out to the Best Vegas Shopping Spots, Casinos and Nightclubs!
  • The Gondola ride: One of the major popular attractions that you cannot miss out if you are holding your Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas. The Gondola Rides will allow you and your girls the opportunity to take in the sites of Las Vegas, to ride down the Grand Canal in much the same way as you would do in Venice. As you float down the water beneath the bridges and go past the cafes and vibrant streets, you will be able to see Las Vegas in a way that you may never have done before. You will no doubt have a relaxing experience and this will add a little romance to your bachelorette party.
  • Stay at The Bellagio and Witness the Famed Fountains Dance to Holiday Music! While at the Bellagio Fountains you will experience the waters of the fountain moving and flowing to a background of musical composition that will keep changing with time. The music ranges from contemporary to classics and the members of your bachelorette party should all have a great time here. The Bellagio Fountains also guarantee you of varied performances and it has become the place to relax away from the noise of the city. They are considered by many a very romantic spot and a must to do in the Vegas list!.

GUARANTED Entertainment…Top Vegas Shows!

Vegas is not Vegas without the Shows and Entertainment…it is mostly why people come here and it is a BIG PART of your bachelorette party. Always remember that more discounts equals more wine for the night! Let the Show Beggin…

  • The Chippendales:  One show designed by women and for women that has become a must watch for many bachelorette parties. The men in the show are a perfect spectacle and will send you screaming. This show is meant to fulfill women’s hidden desire for men in uniform although the dancers barely keep their uniforms on.
  • Receive a FREE Upgrade to Blue Zone Seating to see Blue Man Group! Over a $50 value! It is the kind of show that will offer you an amazing experience as it features 3 enigmatic bald as well as blue characters that will take you through various multi-sensory experiences. This will be in addition to theater, percussive music as well as art and science. Great entertainment experience that will compare to no other and which you will live to tell for a long time to come. The whole show and its choreography will ensure that you are entertained like never before.
  • The stripper 101: Yet another show that you will not want to miss out during your bachelorette party!. It is quite erotic and sexy and the perfect opportunity to master new moves, grasp new concepts and learn to get an immediate return from what you invest in.
  • Le Rêve Special Offer! Save Over 15% on Premium Seating!:This show is meant to walk through the dreams of one central character. Although it may at times be a dark and menacing spectacle, at other times it manifests nothing short of positive emotions. With the Le Reve show, there is no reliance on the awe factor of characters diving into water but rather on very real human drama. There are also several moments of humor in the show.
  • O: It provides you with a multi-sensory experience that incorporates the elements of air, fire and water. Performance by the cast is on boats, various props and a stage that is not visible to the audience. This creates the impression that the characters are walking on water. You just have to see this show in order to appreciate it.

What happens in Vegas…

  • Get tickets to provocative male shows like Thunder from Down Under or Chippendales or Olympic garden! Make sure to inform the people in charge that you are making reservations for a bachelorette party this way you may get to see your friend spanking some dancers…interaction is always fun in this shows Find out before whether group discounts are offered!
  • Hire a male stripper…there is no better place to do it than Vegas! There is a wide variety to choose ranging from mild to wild! Choose the one that matches your needs and you can be sure such a stripper is likely to make your party a night to remember! Book early enough for the stripper of your choice to avoid getting disappointed…you don’t want a stripper that looks like your pizza delivery boy! If you choose to attend such shows, be sure that the bride would enjoy it and that you are not going to be on the groom’s black book if he finds out!

Best Nightclubs for Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

  • Dance the night away!. Vegas has some of the Hottest Night Clubs most of which are bound to have a combination of great music and ambiance.
  • The XS which is an amazing club has three different rooms that include a main room, a lounge and a pool area. Should you choose this as the destination for your bachelorette party, then you can be sure to have a feel of top DJ’s that will mix for you together with the other members of your party. It has so much space that you will enjoy dancing in and a very large bottle area as well.
  • The Light Bellagio is yet another night club that will make a good choice for your bachelorette party in Las Vegas. If you are looking for an atmosphere that is upscale yet has a lot of fun, then you might want to check out the Light Bellagio club. Here you will have great music featured and it will also offer you a great platform to socialize with the other members of your party. In addition, Bellagio has a great VIP area where you can hold your bachelorette party. It is also quite serene with its own botanical gardens and so if you are looking for a quiet place, then this will be a good choice for your party.
  • The Ghost Bar is the night club to check out if you love to sample the wilderness. It is located at the height of the Palm’s hotel and it is well known for its lookout tower. So, if you love outdoor viewing, then the Ghost Bar will offer you the perfect place to hold your bachelorette party.
  • Pure Night Club: If you would like to add some touch of class to your bachelorette party, this is the place to visit. While here, you and the girls may have an opportunity to spot some of the celebrities that frequent this place. Class, Style and Sophistication are what Pure Night Club is all about!. Sample some of the VIP services available.

The first step towards making your bachelorette party a success is to choose the right place to stay!

Spending the last night as a Single Woman in Las Vegas is a big deal! There are plenty of options to choose from…let us give you the secret list of top hotels and special offers

  • The Treasure Island –Top dinning Spot!: Some of the finest dinning are found at this hotel. With unique entertainment it is an ideal place to relax and enjoy your stay with your party group!
  • Palazzo Resort Hotel&Casino – located at the Strip, this is a hotel worth to try out!: With soft feminine style and spacious rooms it is quite appealing for female party goers.  Great night clubs like the Tao and the Lavo make this hotel the perfect scene for your party. Also home to great restaurants like the sushisamba which serves Japanese Peruvian and Brazilian cuisine.
  • Caesars Palace – known as the epicenter of culinary greatness!: Here you can expect nothing less than a fantastic meal to remember! Home to over 25 cafes and unique restaurants like the Bradley Ogden and Messa Grill you will have great choices for you and the girls to have a memorable time. You can also access VIP services at this hotel.
  • The Palms Casino Resort –Wild on the Palms!: This hotel is located off The Strip and it is where you go if you are looking for a Wild On Night in Vegas as it allows you to do so in many ways…Quite popular for its crazy parties as well as the many celebrities that stop over there. It has 3 great clubs and wide large and modern rooms that will make a perfect choice for the party!

Huge Las Vegas Deals

So here it is everything you need to know to plan a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party!

Shows, nightclubs, hotels and attractions all unique in their own way like YOU and your party people…Remember that a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party gives you the opportunity to shared experiences with the girls with plenty of wild excitement that will become great memories some day!

Have fun with your bachelorette party Las Vegas planning!

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