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About the bachelorette party

About the bachelorette party

Who we are:

“AmazingBacheloretteParty.com” wants to make planning and hosting a bachelorette fun and easy.

During my first bachelorette party I got burnt out from all the options out there… this website is an ongoing attempt to cover all topics through research, personal experiences, talking to friends (and meeting new friends through this site).

We want to save your time and make things fun!

Vision and Mission:

Provide the highest quality product, customer service, and satisfaction for all of your bachelorette party needs.


We actively seek your input and ideas on everything on this website.  Ideas we should write about?  Want to share your personal bachelorette experiences or photos?  Send them over!

We hope you enjoy our efforts with this website and if you have any comments, stories, topics, feedback… anything!  Just let us know, we’re online most of the time and easily accessible through email at any time.

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Office location and hours:

Currently we are based in the US and aiming to make the website international through translation services 24/7.

1330 Avenue of the Americas
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New York City, NY
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+1 212 653 0700

Privacy Policy:

Nobody wants an email box filled with Spam.  We also partner with only the most reputable online agencies.  For more info click here.

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